Homestead does try to accommodate their client’s needs, but our grooming appointments & boarding reservations fill up quickly, especially at holidays, and during summer months. Book early if you can, to avoid disappointment.

From a basic bath and nail clip to a more styled grooming or even a summer “shave-down” – our grooming staff is well-trained & will make your dog look (and feel) great!


A puppy’s first bath is always a                                             Then there are all the Labradors –
big event.                                                                                      they love the water and crave attention.


Included in our basic bath prices (at no extra charge):

- Trim face and paws
- Clean ears
- Clip nails
- Extra face scrub
- Bath, brush, blow dry
- Spritz of cologne!

Grooming a cat can be tricky! The trick is to make the cat look good without getting scratched or bit!

Homestead’s Groomers are up to the challenge!


         Chester Before                                 Chester After

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