Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

We also offer cat grooming

If your cat needs a bath and comb-out, a dematting, and, if necessary, a full shave down, call and make an appointment with our Cat Groomer.  For any cats that are not happy with the idea of getting a bath, we often suggest only a comb-out/mat removal or a summer shave at least for the first few times.

Some owner's want their cat's hair shorter, but not shaved down.  Using a snap-on comb, we can leave about 1" of fur. Sofie was a very good girl for us.

Suzanne, a very skilled cat groomer, is also a gentle "cat whisperer" who does most of our cat grooming.

Here is another example of a short shave down with Shadow.


A good example of a before and after grooming on Gizmo.
This shows the very popular lion clip.

Remember, when boarding your cat, you can have your cat bathed or groomed before pick-up day and take you cat home with a lot less shedding!

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