Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Talented Staff!

Manager - Suzanne had previously worked with us for 5 years; she then left to care for her ailing father.  In February of 2012, she returned to take our management position.  Sue has been grooming since 2000 and is very talented with the proper styles for all breed of dogs, as well as being our very experienced cat groomer.

Groomer - Amanda started as a bather and prep groomer in March, 2015.  In less than a year, Amanda advanced to being a very qualified groomer.  You can usually find her working on large breeds.  Amanda's skill at hand scissoring is pleasing to our customers and she enjoys grooming Shelties and fluffy teddy bear Pomeranians.

Kennel Assistant/Bather/Prep Person - Melanie began working here in May, 2017.  She has become a very dependable member of our team.  Mel is willing to give a hand whenever needed.  Mel also has begun doing some basic grooming, and we look forward to watching her advance to becoming another good groomer working for us.

Owner/CEO - Nancy is a 1976 graduate of the North Jersey School of Dog Grooming. For more than 40 years Nancy has enjoyed an exciting career serving hundreds of Lehigh Valley pet owners.  Nancy is also proud of the numerous and very talented groomers she has trained over the years.  As the owner of almost 100 dogs, and a breeder of many champion show puppies over the past 50 years, it would be hard to find someone more qualified to be trusted with the care of you family pet. 


Administrative Assistant - Mary runs our front desk, greets clients, takes phone calls, does paperwork, and assists pet owners in the retail section of our shop.  Mary also gently nudges all of us with what needs to be done and when!  Actually, I don't know how we ever got along without her.

Groomer - Abby joined our team as a bather in Spring, 2015.  Her duties soon expanded to include basic prep work, and it wasn't long before Abby moved up to becoming a fully-trained groomer.  Abby now does Golden Retrievers, Doodles, Shih Tzus, Lhasas, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkies, and many long-haired breeds.

Groomer-in-Training - Tracey began working here in October, 2017, and is our most recent groomer-in-training.  With her prior cosmetology skills, Tracey has a good eye for style, and we are excited how quickly she is progressing with those skills.  We know that shortly, Tracey will be a great addition to our grooming team.


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